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The Grin Channel
28 April 2016

I was chatting with a friend after a long time, and I threw around a few painful cross-lingual puns. He cried, “Oh stop! I thought you’d leave your puns back in the US when you relocated to India. I didn’t realize you’d hold on to them.”

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Hot Pursuit
22 June 2013

I was walking down a street in Forest Hills, NY and saw a squirrel chase another one across the street. I hurriedly took out my camera and tried to take a picture.

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I built my own talking-and-singing head. Here’s a demo:

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There’s a common misunderstanding of what Ayurveda actually is. Some think of it as being somehow related to Yoga; some think of it as an alternative medicine; some others think it’s an Indian style of massage; some think home remedies. I have also seen a few people think of it as a “pathy” to resort to when one suffers from a terminal illness that modern medicine just can’t cure (not always with the hope that Ayurveda will cure it, but often with the despair that there isn’t anything left to do). ... Read More