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Talking and Singing Head

·1 min

I built my own talking-and-singing head. Here’s a demo:

Can you identify the raga of the song in this video?

To build this demo, I did the following:

  • Recorded part of the ARCTIC database and built my own Festox voice.
  • Built a random-music-composition tool, using some basic rules of Hindustani Classical Music.
  • Built an image database of my lip shapes
  • Built a tool to generate a video by combining the lip shape images based on phonemes and their durations predicted by the speech synthesizer.
  • Merged the audio and video tracks and stream them out.

Tools used: Flite, ffmpeg and python.

There used to be a live demo of this tool up on a webpage, so you could make my talking head say anything, but it has been down for some time now. Maybe at some point I’ll bring it back up.